25 Windows

So a few days ago, while searching for antique items on Craigslist, I came across an ad for 55 windows for $200. Well, what in the world would I do with 1 window, let alone 55? So, I bought 25. Now, these windows are huge! My husband jokes that I buy things and just because I’ve bought them, somehow means they will all fit in my car. For the most part, this theory has been true… except for the one time we bought a sectional, bookshelves, and a coffee table from IKEA. That took THREE trips!

So, back to my windows. I gave the man $100 for 25 windows, picked out the ones I wanted, and instructed hubby to “load ’em up!” Amazingly, they all fit. Now, had we been hit from behind, we would of had a pretty big mess on our hands. Luckily, God watched out for us! We made it home, and the next day we unloaded them. OK, maybe it wasn’t the next day… maybe it was a week later. Hey.. I was busy… looking for ideas on Pinterest!

In order to get some gumption behind this project, I decided to design and post about a window a day. Maybe you’ll feel inspired, or maybe just amused. Either way… this is what I’m starting with….

PS- Don’t be jealous of my pink garage walls! 🙂