Jewelry Organizer

One of my all-time favorite finds is an old screen door I got off of freecycle.  If you don’t know what freecycle is, I’ll fill you in!  Freecycle is an email group for your local area.  It is a place where people post things they are getting rid of for FREE!  Sometimes it is leftover garage sale items, and sometimes it is clothes, furniture, or just things they had lying around.  Either way, you are helping the environment by giving away or picking up items so they don’t sit in our local landfills taking up space.  You can find it at www.freecycle.org

Once you get to the site, you search for your city and join the group. When you join, most groups will ask you if you want to get individual emails, a group of emails at some point in the day, or if you want to go online and check it when you have time.  I strongly suggest you chose to get individual emails.  You may want to set up a separate email account for this.  Either way, you want to check it often because the good things go fast! For most groups, you will have to wait for a moderator to approve you before you can begin getting emails.

So, back to my favorite find… this old screen door was perfect!  Rustic, chippy paint.. I LOVED it!!  At first I used it in my kitchen as a magnet board for all of our pictures. At the time, the refrigerator we owned did not have a magnetic front, so this was a great alternative. It was WAY cute!  This was perfect for hanging up invites, pictures of the boys, and all of their school work or art.

When we moved, I really didn’t have a space for it anymore, so I was clueless as to what I was going to do with it next.  Then, I had a great idea!!  Use it for all of my jewelry!!  I was constantly getting all of my necklaces tangled, and most of the time, I really didn’t know what all I had because there was just too much to see! 

I grabbed my door and a set of clear push pins and got to work. I decided to create a jewelry organizer!

Here is the finished product…

Here is close up of the push pins.  I also hung up my rings…

The screen in the door makes for a great place to hang your earrings….


Rustic Finds

I absolutely love garage sales!!

I love getting a good deal and turning things old into something new.

Last weekend, my sister-in-law and I hit up some local garage sales. I wish I had taken some before and after shots, but of course… I didn’t. I found several things I just couldn’t live without!

Every once in a while I come across a piece that I don’t need to do anything to at all. This piece I got for $25 and really just loved that it was old, chippy and rusted. My dad took one look at it and said, “Hey! That’s from an old screen door!” I had no idea. Now it hangs in the little hall going to our master bedroom.

Two of my favorite garage sale items were two large gold frames. These were each priced at $13, and I ended up getting them both for a total of $7. The first one I painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint. If you haven’t used this paint before, you need to go online and buy some now! It is great stuff!! You can just paint right onto anything and it adheres perfectly!

There are several different tutorials on Pinterest for how to get antique finishes, but for this frame, just painting it was perfect! I really like the chalky finish. The green/blue frame I decided I would experiment with a little. I just used regular craft paint, and once it dried, I brushed over it with a dark stain and immediately wiped it off. I LOVE this idea of framing things you love, and not just the typical picture in glass.

Here are my two repurposed frames…

The little “wings” in the green frame were also from a garage sale, but I didn’t need to do anything to those pieces. I tried to hang them so they looked like angel wings. Do you see it?