Christmas Recap..

I feel like I haven’t posted in forever!!

Today I decided to put aside the furniture posts I have planned, and just give you a little glimpse into our family….

Christmas as our home came…. at 6am!  (Really, they were up at 5am, but I insisted they go back to bed till 6… not that I could sleep anyways.)

I bet you can’t tell they were excited about these…

Before we knew it, it was over…

Luckily, it came again at my mom and dad’s house….

It is a tradition in our family to take turns getting our picture taken in front of the tree before we open gifts.  As a child, I remember HATING this!!!  I just wanted to get to my presents!  As an adult, I love to see how much our families change in the course of a year.

For example…
My brother’s sweet family now has a new addition…

My mom and dad….they haven’t changed a bit.

My sister’s family…. little Burke was only a few months old last year! (So, I caught Burke in mid-blink, but my sister would appreciate this pic much better than the other three.)

Luckily, I have this one of Burke too!  I think we all could have just bought him some tissue paper and he would have been one happy little boy!

It’s always so sad when Christmas is over and we have to wait another 365 days for it to come again.

Luckily, I’m getting older, time is going faster, and so it will be here before I know it!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


A Birthday to Remember

Each year I turn another year older, and creep closer to 40, I look in the mirror and ask myself….

1.  Am I doing what I love?

2.  Am I living out the plan God has for me?

3.  If I died tomorrow, would I leave behind a legacy?

4.  Did I dream big and make plans each day to make those dreams come true?

5.  When is menopause going to hit?

6.  Is that another wrinkle in my brow?

Yep.. those the are the questions I ask myself.

This year, I could actually say “Yes” to some and “Maybe” to some others.
(Don’t tell me about #5… I DO NOT want to know.  Please and thank you!)

On Friday, my actual birthday, my hubby planned to take me to Fredericksburg for the day.

If you have never been to Fredericksburg, you MUST plan to make a trip one day!  It is the absolute cutest German town in Texas!

Main Street has all kinds of adorable little shops to shop in….

 Image from Magnolia House

All up and down the street…

and on either side.


Image from Trip Advisor

There are lots of little German restaurants with delicious food…


…and breweries (if you’re into that… I might be… just a little), fabulous wine tours (again, if you’re into that… I might be.. just a little bit more than that beer stuff), and did I say shopping?

So, we spent the day shopping, thrifting (just had to see what Goodwill in Fredericksburg had to offer), antiquing and wine tasting.

To someone who dreams about owning her own store one day, I dream about it being here.  On Main Street.  In Fredericksburg.

As we headed out of town, about 5 minutes from Main Street, this brand new little shopping area with a sign that read “Antiques” caught my attention.

We pulled over and the first thing I saw was this lovely bed and breakfast (VERY common in Fredericksburg)…

There were more on either side.

To the right of the bed and breakfast is a space for a new winery.

I love the tin roof and old wooden doors.

To the left of the bed and breakfast, and across from the winery, sat the cutest little store I had ever seen…

When we walked in, the lady behind the counter immediately asked if I wanted anything to drink.  The atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

I immediately noticed some artists and furniture from local stores on Main Street, which got me to talking to the store owner about her store.  She explained how the pieces I saw there were hers and another business partner of hers, and all other companies in the store were by invitation only and each owner had a unique story which made them special.

The more we talked, I told her about how I had been a teacher and had recently quit.  She had been a teacher too!  We then realized we had both taught at the same small school district back in Dallas.  What a small world!

At some point she mentioned Annie Sloan paint and showed me some pieces she had just finished painting.  At that point I mentioned that I painted furniture too, and I was so excited to show her my newest pieces painted in Annie Sloan!  I shared a little about how I had just started my business and was looking for somewhere to put my pieces but didn’t know where to start.  At this point, I just wanted advice.  I have found that I am intrigued by other’s business stories and just want to soak up all that I can.

We talked about a few places closer to my home, and then she turned to me, light in her eyes and asked, “How about here?”

I looked at her in shock.

“Here?  Really?”

“Of course!” she exclaimed.

I teared up.

I tried hard not to sob.

I’m pretty sure I almost fainted.

I kept thinking.. I’m in a dream.  Are you kidding me?  How is this happening??

She showed me the paperwork, asked when I would be able to drop off some pieces, I signed on the dotted line, and that was it.

The next day we hauled up several pieces of furniture and placed them throughout the store.

My furniture is now in a store!

Miss Lavender’s Room on Rocky Hill.

And IN Fredericksburg!

I am still in complete awe.

Not only was that the BEST birthday present I could ever hope for, but when I got home, my family handed me a large box.  Inside was a Silhouette Cameo!!  Can you say… BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Just as a birthday should be!

Now I’m just hoping I don’t get struck by lightening!

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