Master Bedroom Pallet Wall

I always have a tendency to look at things and underestimate.

For example, one time, I went to IKEA and bought four bookcases and a sectional and I was positive it would all fit in my Expedition.


Two trips later, we were able to get it all home.

Or, one time, I was certain we could fit our new entertainment center through the front door.  My husband was certain it would not.  I assured him it would.

I was wrong.

We ended up having to move the beast of an entertainment center around the house and into the backyard and in through the back door about killing ourselves in the process.

Or, like this Saturday, when at 8:00pm I told my husband we should go ahead and get started on the pallet board wall I wanted to do in our master bedroom, and I assured him it would only take us two hours at the most and we’d probably be in bed snoozing by 11pm at the latest.


So, it all started when I became a Weaber Lumber brand rep on Instagram.  They sent me boxes of their wall boards in exchange for me sharing my projects on Instagram.

I was beyond thrilled when the boxes arrived and I couldn’t wait to get started!

I went back and forth about which room I wanted to install these boards in, but in the end, I chose our master bedroom because it definitely had the least personality of all the rooms in the house.

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

We started by moving all the furniture away from the walls.

Then, I opened up each box of Weaber Lumber wall boards and sorted out the different colors of wood.

Pallet Wood Wall

While I was doing that, the hubby was busy marking the studs in the wall.  This is an important step because you want to be sure your nails are going into the studs and not just into the wall.

The box mentions painting the wall a dark color before starting, just in case you have gaps between the boards.

Yep, didn’t do that.

The box also mentions starting in the center and working your way out.

Yep, didn’t do that either.

We basically just dove right in and luckily, it worked out fine for us, but it did mean we had to be sure you couldn’t see any gaps or else it would be pretty noticeable!

We decided to start at the top left corner of the wall and work our way across.  We chose to do it this way because there is no molding where the wall hits the ceiling, and at that point, the ceiling angles upward. Because of that, we weren’t 100% sure if where the wall and ceiling met was level, and for this project, it’s important that everything to be level!Pallet Wood Wall

I must admit, for us, the first two rows were probably the toughest.  Here’s why:

  1. My husband is OCD.
  2. My husband is OCD.
  3. My husband is OCD.

Are you catching on yet?

You definitely cannot be OCD for this project.  The boards are not perfect, they aren’t meant to be.  It’s supposed to have a rustic look.  Well, that totally through my husband for a loop!

Once he got past that, we were good!

As we put up each board, we checked to make sure it was level before nailing it to the studs.  One board being off could throw the whole project off!

Pallet Wood Wall

Once we had the majority of the wall done, we had to measure and cut the wood for the spaces that remained.

Pallet Wood Wall

My husband also had to measure and cut around the trim of the windows and electrical outlets.

Pallet Wood Wall

Once we had everything done, it looked amazing.

It was a HUGE transformation!

Pallet Wood Wall

Every time I walk in our room now, I feel like I am walking into someone else’s room!  It is just so completely different!
Pallet Wood Wall

It definitely warmed up the space and made it feel a lot more cozier.

Pallet Wood Wall

I decided to hang my old window frame and magnolia leaf wreath above our bed and it just seems to tie everything together perfectly.

So, remember I told you we started the project at 8pm?

Remember I told you that I thought the project would only last a few hours?

Pallet Wood WallWell, we finished our project around 3am Sunday morning and I’m still soooo tired!  How did I ever stay up past midnight before??

See that coffee cup there?  That one that says “Dream”?

Yep, it had coffee in it when I started taking pics this morning, and a few pics later.. empty.

I’m pretty sure I see a nap in that cozy bed in my future!

So tell me what you think?  Would you do something like this in your home?

Love you all!



Repurposed Antique Surveyor Stand

So my husband and I have a slight addiction to Craigslist and Facebook Garage Sale groups.  We are always looking for the next great deal, or a new piece of furniture we can restore or something that can be repurposed.

For example, some of my favorite projects are from when we repurposed an antique headboard into a swing (read about that here)…

Back Porch Headboard Swing

…or when I turned an antique ironing board into a front porch welcome sign (read about that here)..


So, a few weeks ago, as I was scrolling through one of the garage sale groups, I came across an “antique camera tripod” for $5.  I had seen a few other people use them in their homes as decoration since they are made out of wood, so I was eager to buy it and go pick it up.

Once we picked it up and got it home, my husband pulled it out of his truck to inspect it in order to see what all needed to be repaired or worked on before putting it in the house. (Items off of these sites almost always need something!)  It was then that he realized we had found something even more beautiful than the antique camera tripod we thought we had purchased.

At first, what looked like an old, dirty tripod (just one leg pictured)..

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

…with dirty hardware…

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

..was actually something pretty amazing.

My husband discovered that the hardware was actually brass!  He was so excited that he ended up spending the whole day taking the tripod apart, sanding down the wooden legs and polishing up all of the brass hardware.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

Once he was done, it was amazing!!

It was gorgeous!

It was better than we could have imagined, and…

…it was NOT a camera tripod!

We found out that it was actually an antique surveyor’s tripod or possibly an antique nautical telescope tripod.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

It was then that we realized we wanted to make our little stand into something more than just a tripod that stood in the corner.  We wanted to make it into a lamp.

I’m a HUGE Restoration Hardware fan, but not so much of a HUGE Restoration Hardware PRICE fan.  I immediately went to their page and found this…


…it’s a Surveyor’s Tripod Floor Lamp.  You can purchase this light from Restoration Hardware for only $1200!  Yep.. that’s it!

Well, after seeing this, I was beyond excited to get started on our new lamp!

We headed to World Market and bought a light kit and a lamp shade.

Once we got it home, we set the light kit into the center of the stand.  It fit pretty well, but had just a little wobble to it, so we added some Gorilla Glue to the sides so it would be snug.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod

Once the glue dried, we screwed the lamp shade on top and added a light bulb.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod

Super easy peasy!!

So, after spending $5 on the tripod, $10 on the light kit and $25 on the lamp shade, my Restoration Hardware look-alike lamp cost me $40 instead of $1200!!


So, my friends.. be on the lookout for an antique tripod because it could be your next Restoration Hardware look-alike lamp!

What do you think?

Love ya!