A Christmas Farmhouse Dining Room

I promised a few weeks ago that I would share a sweet friend of mine’s gorgeous Christmas farmhouse dining room, and then IT happened.

You know.. IT.

The IT that happens when you have absolutely no time for IT.

The IT that slams you flat on your back when you still have Christmas wrapping, and shopping, and cooking to do.

The IT that only happens when you have a bajillion sign orders to complete, wrap and ship before Christmas.

You know what IT is don’t you?


Yep.  I got sick.

And.. it lasted a little over a week and all I wanted to do was cut off my head because it was stuffy and then runny and then stuffy and then runny and quite frankly, it was making me NUTS!

Praise God I woke up on Christmas Eve and all was well with the world again, and now that the Christmas whirlwind has died down, I realized I never shared this gorgeous dining room with you, and you guys.. you MUST see it!

One of the things I wanted to do on my blog this time around is share some design inspiration from friends, bloggers, and Instagrammers that I love.

And, Erin (Instagram: Cottonstem), is one of those design geniuses that I absolutely love.  She will probably one be of those Instagrammers that will become Insta-famous soon, if not already!  She’s just THAT good.

The Rustic Pig: Cottonstem Dining Room

When I first started my Instagram account, this sweet girl commented on a few of my posts and the girl had me laughing from the get-go!  The more we talked, the more I knew she was the real deal.  Not only that, but this girl has an eye for decorating that just blows my farmhouse-loving mind!

The Rustic Pig: Cottonstem Dining Room

Her shiplap walls in this dining space are just to die for, and the chippy, antique fireplace has my heart!

I love how Erin uses antique pieces here and there in her decorating.  Besides the antique fireplace, she also used antiques seltzer bottles on the table, an antique sled above the fireplace, and an antique tobacco basket on the wall (seen below).

The Rustic Pig: Cottonstem Dining Room

Erin has explained that not only does she love to decorate, but she also loves to decorate on a pretty tight budget.  For example, the red grain-striped pillows, napkins, and table runner, along with the plate chargers are all from the Target Dollar Spot.

And, as you can see, the girl has a love for cotton.. hence her design business name.. Cotton Stem Interiors.

The Rustic Pig: Cottonstem Dining Room

Not only does cotton adorn her beautiful farmhouse table, but it can also be seen draped down and tucked in her Christmas tree.

I love that her tree has a natural feel to it.  There are no bulbs or ornaments on this tree.  Just simple, natural touches, that make you feel at one with nature.

I hope you love Erin’s Christmas farmhouse dining room as much as I do.  I’d love to know what your favorite parts of this room are.

For more design inspiration, be sure to follow Erin on Instagram.  You will truly be blown away by her style, and her use of creative writing will have you laughing out loud!

Erin lives in Oklahoma, and is an interior decorator, so if you need any help decorating your space, be sure to check out her website.  And, if you don’t live in Oklahoma, that’s ok too, because this girl can do an e-design consultants over the internet as well.  Check out her design packages on her website at Cotton Stem Interiors.



Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Painted Chair

I’ve always felt that, although I am 40, I am really still in my 20s…ok, maybe my 30s, but then, the other day, while in a group message with some Instagram friends, I learned a new word and I instantly felt old.

You guys!  I had to Google what this word meant.  I had never heard of it before!

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

So, are you ready to learn something new today?  Are you ready to learn a new word so that the next time you hear it you don’t have to Google it and then feel old?

Here you go..


MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

Yep!  That’s the word!


Please tell me you’ve never heard of this word before either.

Or just lie to me.

So, here is the Google definition of FOMO



noun: FOMO
  1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

And it stands for.. Fear Of Missing Out.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

So, let me tell you a little story about FOMO

On Saturday morning, my husband was dying to go garage sale shopping.  Like, the guy has a HUGE garage sale FOMO issue.  I’m pretty sure he was awake around 6:30am and was ready to go.

Me, on the other hand.. not so much.

So after all of his singing, bouncing on the bed, nudging me in the ribs, and bringing coffee into the bed, I decided to get up and get dressed.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

We rolled out of the garage around 9:30am.  I know.. not ideal for garage sale shopping, but I was just happy to get him out the door at this point!

At our first stop, we happened upon an estate sale.

I walked away with a camera tripod for $5 and my husband walked away with a short band radio for $1.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

Next, we stumbled upon a neighborhood garage sale.  Now, these are my favorites, but this is where my husband’s FOMO anxiety kicks into high gear.  If I spend way too much time looking at one house, he is busy watching everyone drive down to the next house and he is certain he is missing out on all the good stuff there while I’m busy shopping!

As we made our way around the neighborhood, we picked up a Halloween mask for our kids for $3 and a leather jacket for me for $5.

Then, as we drove up to the next house, I spotted it.

It was the most unique chair I had ever seen.

I was certain it was going to be at least $50 or more.  It was just so different.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

As we got out of the truck, I tried hard to keep my poker face on, but this my friends, this is where my FOMO kicks into high gear.

Of course, there were several people at this house when we pulled up, and I just knew it was either already sold, or they wanted way too much for it.  I mean, by now it was 11pm and there had to be a reason it was still sitting here.

So, I casually walked over to the chair and looked it over.

The entire chair was made out of wood.  No metal nails, or screws anywhere.  All wooded nails holding the chair together.

And then there were the claw feet.  You could tell they had been hand carved.

And the leather straps that were weaved across to make the seat.  So different and just so beautifully made.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

An older gentleman with a very unusual accent walked over to me and said, “That’s a neat chair, huh?”

Acting very calm, cool, and collected I responded with, “Oh, yes.  It’s really different.”

“My grandfather brought it over from South Africa,” he stated.

I tried to hold my excitement in.  A chair that had come over from South Africa!!  I HAD to have it!

FOMO kicked in BIG time as my heart began to beat faster!

“Is it for sale?” I asked.

“Of course!” he said. “I’ll take $10 for it.”

OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!  I couldn’t believe it!  $10?!

“SOLD!” I said.  All excitement bursting forth as I reached in my pocket and pulled out a $10 bill.

Best.  Purchase.  Ever!

The sweet man even loaded it into our car and gave us a South African flag to go with it.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

All FOMO left as we got back in the car.

I had what I was looking for.

When I got it home, I debated on whether or not I would paint it, but let’s be honest, I can’t leave well enough alone, and so out came the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and I got busy painting it.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

The history of the chair is still there.  It is still a unique piece, with leather straps, claw feet and wooden nails.

I will still remember that it came from South Africa, and I will wonder about where this chair has been, who has sat on it, and what its journey was like to America.

And I will remember that a little case of FOMO got me a chair for $10.

Love you friends!