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Fall Home Tour

Fall Home Tour

It's here!  I'm so excited!!  Guess what?  We have a fabulous giveaway planned for everyone so be sure to scroll to the bottom to see how to enter...it's HUGE!! Welcome to my Fall Home Tour!   I hope you enjoy what you see and leave inspired and full of ideas on how you can decorate your home … [Read More...]

Next Week ~ Fall Home Tour


Oh my goodness!!!  I'm so excited!!!  I just can't wait!!! I absolutely LOVE home tours!   I've been known to drop into new neighborhoods just so I can tour the model home. Anyone else?  Please tell me I'm not alone in this??  There's just something fun about touring people's homes and seeing … [Read More...]

DIY Burlap Fall Planter

DIY Burlap Fall Planter

I used to never be into gardening, or planting, or flowers really.  I mean, I used to like to get flowers, until I realized how expensive they were and then I didn't want them any more.  That, and they died after a few days.  It's like getting a gift and then someone taking it back.  What fun is … [Read More...]

Ball Jar Lid Fall Mini Wreath

Ball Jar Lid Mini Fall Wreaths

As I sat on the garage floor painting Ball Jars for tomorrow's post, I noticed the heap of Ball Jar lids to my right, and immediately started thinking of what I could do with them.  I was instantly reminded of when I was in college, and had to give a "How-To" speech in Speech class. I wanted to … [Read More...]

Hill Country Fall Mantel

Hill Country Fall Mantel

I believe the seasons are a reminder... You see, Fall and I used to have this love, hate relationship. I used to LOVE to HATE Fall. Well, at least that's how I used to feel. To me, as a child, Fall meant back to school.  It meant homework, book reports, projects, and going to bed … [Read More...]

DIY Fall Burlap Ribbon Wreath

Burlap Ribbon Fall Wreath

I've never decorated for Fall.  Never. Until I started blogging.   I'm pretty sure there is an unspoken blogging rule that states you must decorate for Fall if you're a blogger.  You must.   So, last year, I reluctantly jumped on board and decorated my mantel for fall.   Then, … [Read More...]

Buffet or Media Center

The Rustic Pig: Buffet or Media Center

So why The Rustic Pig??  Here's why.... When your best friend and her husband set you up on a blind date with their friend, you go.   You go because you've known your best friend since 7th grade and surely she knows you better than anyone else.  Surely she knows the man of your dreams. … [Read More...]

Painting in the Texas Heat

The Rustic Pig: Desk

I'm done. I'm done with this heat.  I actually love summer, and normally I enjoy the heat... to an extent, but today, on September 5th when it's almost 100 degrees out... I'm just done. The whole blogging world is getting ready for Fall, and I want to be getting ready too! Enter … [Read More...]

Antique Ironing Board Turned Chalkboard Welcome Sign


When I was younger I dreamed about being a teacher. Not because I couldn't wait to change lives. Not because I wanted to change the future. Not because I wanted to make a difference. No, I wanted to be a teacher because I LOVED to write on the chalkboard!   And dust erasers. … [Read More...]

Christmas Lamp Challenge with Lamps Plus & Hometalk

Christmas Fillable Lamp Design

I know.  I know. I can hear you already... "Surely you aren't going to talk about Christmas!!"   Well, actually, I am.  (Honestly, it's a little weird for me too, especially since it's 100 degrees outside!) You see, I entered and was actually selected to participate in a holiday … [Read More...]

Telephone Table Transformation

Telephone Table Transformation

I miss telephones. I mean like real telephones.   The kind that had a base and a cord attached. The kind that would fit perfectly in the nook of your shoulder as you tried to multitask without actually holding the phone in your hand.  (I don't know about you, but I've yet to mastered that … [Read More...]

Annie Sloan Painted Table & Chairs

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Table and Chairs

Dear Annie Sloan... Chalk Paint Extraordinaire,     I know you have no idea who I am, but one day I will meet you.  I just know it.  And when I come to meet you, I hope that you are ready because I am going to give you a big ole' hug!  And I'm pretty sure we will be best friends … [Read More...]

The Rustic Pig’s Top Ten Painted Pieces

The Rustic Pig: Grain Sack Painted Leather Chair

So, last week I shared that I was job hunting and a few of you have emailed to ask how the search is going, so I thought I'd update you all real quick... Over the past two weeks I have interviewed for three teaching positions.  The first one I didn't get, which led to the second one that I've … [Read More...]

End Table Switch Out and Big Decisions

The Rustic Pig: End Table Redo

There are some things in life that are easy...like painting furniture you don't like. There are other things in life that are difficult... like putting your big girl panties on and growing up. I've had to do both in the past week... Last week, I shared with you how I moved my living room … [Read More...]

Creative At Home: Featuring 24 Bloggers

creative at home party

So a few weeks ago, we brought you the Showcase of Homes Tour with 26 Bloggers from around the country. This week, I got together with some blogging friends to bring you Getting Creative at Home...   Basically, we all had one thing in common.   We were all left behind at home while … [Read More...]

White Washed Antique Cedar Chest

The Rustic Pig: White Washed Cedar Chest

I am a sucker for details. When I was younger and asked my dad, "So why did the government shut down?" and my dad gave me the details... lots of details.  Details that went over my head.  Details that went in one ear and out the other.  Details that went on, and on... and on. Or... When … [Read More...]

Antique Chair Gets Its Racing Stripes

Red Chair Gets a Racing Stripe

I've noticed that when God wants to tell me something, I end up hearing it over and over... and over again. That has been the case for me these past three days.   Our message at church this past weekend, or the part of the message that stood out the most for me anyways, was that … [Read More...]

A New Look for the Living Room

Living Room Design

So after seeing 25 amazing home tours last week on our Summer Showcase of Homes, I all of a sudden felt inspired to move some things around in my living room. I love change.   I love moving things around. I even love moving... to an extent.   When I was a teacher, I was convinced that … [Read More...]

Summer Showcase of Homes Roundup

Summer Showcase of Homes sidebar

In case you missed it last week, I was a part of the 2013 Summer Showcases of Homes featuring the homes of 26 bloggers.  I realize that you may not have seen all of the homes in the showcase because maybe you were... ...on vacation... ...or doing early Christmas shopping (it's only 149 days away … [Read More...]

Grain Sack Painted Leather Chair

The Rustic Pig: Grain Sack Painted Leather Chair

I believe in love at first sight. I remember my best friend setting me up on a blind date.  It was a double date.  Of course I fell in love at first sight!  In fact, my best friend and I ran off to the bathroom (because that's what girls do) and I told her, "he's the type of guy I could see … [Read More...]