Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Painted Chair

I’ve always felt that, although I am 40, I am really still in my 20s…ok, maybe my 30s, but then, the other day, while in a group message with some Instagram friends, I learned a new word and I instantly felt old.

You guys!  I had to Google what this word meant.  I had never heard of it before!

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

So, are you ready to learn something new today?  Are you ready to learn a new word so that the next time you hear it you don’t have to Google it and then feel old?

Here you go..


MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

Yep!  That’s the word!


Please tell me you’ve never heard of this word before either.

Or just lie to me.

So, here is the Google definition of FOMO



noun: FOMO
  1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

And it stands for.. Fear Of Missing Out.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

So, let me tell you a little story about FOMO

On Saturday morning, my husband was dying to go garage sale shopping.  Like, the guy has a HUGE garage sale FOMO issue.  I’m pretty sure he was awake around 6:30am and was ready to go.

Me, on the other hand.. not so much.

So after all of his singing, bouncing on the bed, nudging me in the ribs, and bringing coffee into the bed, I decided to get up and get dressed.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

We rolled out of the garage around 9:30am.  I know.. not ideal for garage sale shopping, but I was just happy to get him out the door at this point!

At our first stop, we happened upon an estate sale.

I walked away with a camera tripod for $5 and my husband walked away with a short band radio for $1.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

Next, we stumbled upon a neighborhood garage sale.  Now, these are my favorites, but this is where my husband’s FOMO anxiety kicks into high gear.  If I spend way too much time looking at one house, he is busy watching everyone drive down to the next house and he is certain he is missing out on all the good stuff there while I’m busy shopping!

As we made our way around the neighborhood, we picked up a Halloween mask for our kids for $3 and a leather jacket for me for $5.

Then, as we drove up to the next house, I spotted it.

It was the most unique chair I had ever seen.

I was certain it was going to be at least $50 or more.  It was just so different.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

As we got out of the truck, I tried hard to keep my poker face on, but this my friends, this is where my FOMO kicks into high gear.

Of course, there were several people at this house when we pulled up, and I just knew it was either already sold, or they wanted way too much for it.  I mean, by now it was 11pm and there had to be a reason it was still sitting here.

So, I casually walked over to the chair and looked it over.

The entire chair was made out of wood.  No metal nails, or screws anywhere.  All wooded nails holding the chair together.

And then there were the claw feet.  You could tell they had been hand carved.

And the leather straps that were weaved across to make the seat.  So different and just so beautifully made.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

An older gentleman with a very unusual accent walked over to me and said, “That’s a neat chair, huh?”

Acting very calm, cool, and collected I responded with, “Oh, yes.  It’s really different.”

“My grandfather brought it over from South Africa,” he stated.

I tried to hold my excitement in.  A chair that had come over from South Africa!!  I HAD to have it!

FOMO kicked in BIG time as my heart began to beat faster!

“Is it for sale?” I asked.

“Of course!” he said. “I’ll take $10 for it.”

OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!  I couldn’t believe it!  $10?!

“SOLD!” I said.  All excitement bursting forth as I reached in my pocket and pulled out a $10 bill.

Best.  Purchase.  Ever!

The sweet man even loaded it into our car and gave us a South African flag to go with it.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

All FOMO left as we got back in the car.

I had what I was looking for.

When I got it home, I debated on whether or not I would paint it, but let’s be honest, I can’t leave well enough alone, and so out came the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and I got busy painting it.

MMS Milk Paint Chair Transformation

The history of the chair is still there.  It is still a unique piece, with leather straps, claw feet and wooden nails.

I will still remember that it came from South Africa, and I will wonder about where this chair has been, who has sat on it, and what its journey was like to America.

And I will remember that a little case of FOMO got me a chair for $10.

Love you friends!





Repurposed Antique Surveyor Stand

So my husband and I have a slight addiction to Craigslist and Facebook Garage Sale groups.  We are always looking for the next great deal, or a new piece of furniture we can restore or something that can be repurposed.

For example, some of my favorite projects are from when we repurposed an antique headboard into a swing (read about that here)…

Back Porch Headboard Swing

…or when I turned an antique ironing board into a front porch welcome sign (read about that here)..


So, a few weeks ago, as I was scrolling through one of the garage sale groups, I came across an “antique camera tripod” for $5.  I had seen a few other people use them in their homes as decoration since they are made out of wood, so I was eager to buy it and go pick it up.

Once we picked it up and got it home, my husband pulled it out of his truck to inspect it in order to see what all needed to be repaired or worked on before putting it in the house. (Items off of these sites almost always need something!)  It was then that he realized we had found something even more beautiful than the antique camera tripod we thought we had purchased.

At first, what looked like an old, dirty tripod (just one leg pictured)..

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

…with dirty hardware…

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

..was actually something pretty amazing.

My husband discovered that the hardware was actually brass!  He was so excited that he ended up spending the whole day taking the tripod apart, sanding down the wooden legs and polishing up all of the brass hardware.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

Once he was done, it was amazing!!

It was gorgeous!

It was better than we could have imagined, and…

…it was NOT a camera tripod!

We found out that it was actually an antique surveyor’s tripod or possibly an antique nautical telescope tripod.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Stand

It was then that we realized we wanted to make our little stand into something more than just a tripod that stood in the corner.  We wanted to make it into a lamp.

I’m a HUGE Restoration Hardware fan, but not so much of a HUGE Restoration Hardware PRICE fan.  I immediately went to their page and found this…


…it’s a Surveyor’s Tripod Floor Lamp.  You can purchase this light from Restoration Hardware for only $1200!  Yep.. that’s it!

Well, after seeing this, I was beyond excited to get started on our new lamp!

We headed to World Market and bought a light kit and a lamp shade.

Once we got it home, we set the light kit into the center of the stand.  It fit pretty well, but had just a little wobble to it, so we added some Gorilla Glue to the sides so it would be snug.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod

Once the glue dried, we screwed the lamp shade on top and added a light bulb.

The Rustic Pig: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod

Super easy peasy!!

So, after spending $5 on the tripod, $10 on the light kit and $25 on the lamp shade, my Restoration Hardware look-alike lamp cost me $40 instead of $1200!!


So, my friends.. be on the lookout for an antique tripod because it could be your next Restoration Hardware look-alike lamp!

What do you think?

Love ya!