Closing Down the Business…Kind Of…

Last week I shared that I got a job at our church.  Looking back, I know God was preparing me for this job all along.  From my experience with our past church, to the different ministries I’ve volunteered for, to my best friends… I know God had it all planned out long ago.  

So, why did I dream of starting my own business only to start it up and then close it down this weekend?

I’m not 100% sure I know the answer to that question, but what I do know is that I no longer dream to have my own business, and maybe, just maybe, that is the reason God allowed me to start up my business.  So that I could move on to what He had planned for my life.  Something greater…

So, this past weekend, I said goodbye to The Corner Cartel in Boerne where I was selling my furniture.

Was I sad?  

Maybe a little, but it wasn’t because I was no longer selling my furniture there, it was because I was going to miss the people I worked with.   In fact, when it came to the business part, I was a bit relieved.  

You see, as time went on, I started to look at the real cost involved in what I was doing, and tried to see if I was even making a profit.

For example… I might drive around town on Saturday, buy a dresser for $50, put in about 10-20 hours painting it with paint that costs $40 a PINT, pay $325 a month in rent, and drive 70 miles round trip 4 times a month to work at the store.. for free, and then charge $300 for that dresser only to be asked if I would take any less.  I’d say yes, because I would just need it gone, so I’d sell it for $275, and then give 10% to the store.  So, considering all of that, I’m not sure that I ever got ahead, or at least not far enough ahead to make anything substantial because I would have to take that profit and turn around and buy more furniture, paint, and pay the rent.

So basically, I was about ready to paint a sign like this one…

Plus, if you want to make money, then you need to have a lot of inventory in your space.  Well, that meant non-stop painting for me, and it was just getting to be too much.  

Now, will I still paint furniture, run the blog, and decorate?  ABSOLUTELY!  It’s what I love, but I’ve also fallen in love with you.   I love talking to you and reading your comments.  I love when I write something and you tell me it made your day, or it was just what you needed to hear that day.  I feel like you’re part of my family.

So, I hope that you’ll stick around.  I may only post once a week, but I hope you’ll be here to see what I’m up to.  

Much love,




First Market Days

This weekend was my first ever Market Days!  I had no idea what to expect, and I was extremely nervous. 
The day before the event I was so overwhelmed.  We had so much to do!!  I had to price and label all my items for sale, finish a door I had started (see below), finish rustic signs I wanted to sell, and make the structure that would hold all these extremely heavy windows! 
While hubby got to work on the wooden structure, I got busy painting, pricing, and shopping for supplies.
Hubby did a great job on the structure that would hold all my windows.  He made it just right so that our tent could be fastened inside and not blow away.  This turned out to be perfect because a cold front blew in the afternoon of our show and the windows and our tent stayed in place!
Here is a picture of us setting it up in the driveway….

As Hubby continued to work to get it just right, I started pulling out all of the windows I had made that were in the guest bedroom.  After they were all out, I just had to take a picture!   There were windows EVERYWHERE!!   

After getting them all out of the house, the next task was to get them to all fit in my Expedition!  Luckily, they all fit! 

By 11pm, we were finally in bed and exhausted! 

I could hardly sleep.  I was so excited to get up and get started! 

We rolled out of the driveway at 7:50am and made it to the event space by 8:10am. 

Hubby worked to get the tent set up and I got busy unloading the windows.

Here we are.. all set up and ready to make some money!! 

We had several people ask where our store was located.

Our response every time was.. “Right here!”

We had a great day and met some amazing people!! 

In the end, almost all of my rustic wooden signs sold.  The Mod Podged Owl window and one of the large chalkboard/dry erase windows sold as well.  The little Fall Pumpkin chalkboard and the large blue door sold, too. 

The event wasn’t widely advertised, so we didn’t have quite the crowd I was hoping for.  Either way, we made some good money for our first show, so I was a happy girl!

In the end, I learned a few things about being in a craft show…
1.  Almost everyone brings their dogs to these events, so you get to meet a lot of neat dogs.  You also get to see some pretty strange dogs too! 

2.  Have plenty of lower priced items to sell along with your higher priced items.  This gives people of every budget something to buy.

3.  Kettle Corn is gooooooddd!!!!

4.  Make sure your sign is high enough so that people don’t hit their head.  While no one was injured because of this, Hubby and I held our breath with each tall person that entered the tent.

5.  Bring sunscreen.  Just because it’s fall and 70 degrees outside, doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburned.  Ouch!

6.  Kettle Corn is gooooooooooooddddd!!!!!  In case you missed #3.

7.  Husbands of wives that work craft shows are a blessing.  I watched husbands help their wives set up and take down.  They sat there with them and helped take orders.  They brought them lunch and drinks.  They were supportive.  I’m thankful for my husband who did all of these things as well.  It made my heart smile.

8.  I REALLY need an enclosed trailer!  Moving these windows in and out of the car and house is NOT fun!!

Before I end this post, I wanted to share the door I worked on this Friday…..

We picked up this old door in Austin.  Someone was remodeling an old home and was giving it away.  The neat thing about this was that the house next door was a house I recognized from House Hunters.  It made my day.  I wish houses could give autographs.

I lightly sanded the door and painted it a light tan-ish color.

Next, I wiped on a dark walnut stain and then wiped it off.  I love how it got in all the little crevices and made the finish on the door absolutely gorgeous!

Next, I painted the inside part of the door with chalkboard paint and I added a sweet little hook for coats or purses.

Here is the finished door…

On Sunday, my hubby was tired of seeing me sit on the floor to work on my crafts, so he built me a really neat workbench out of some old wood we picked up from a friend’s house.  I love it!  I added some burlap around the base to hide our tools and the larger cans of paint.  I can’t wait to use it!!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent me encouraging words, prayers and love through our facebook page.  I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and am even more blessed to have such supportive friends and family!  Love to you all!!!