An Old Rocking Chair Gets a Makeover

I am a sucker for rocking chairs.  I just love to sit and rock, and rock, and rock.  

Please tell me you love rockers too?

I am also a sucker for rockers on a front porch.

When we lived in the Dallas area, a sweet friend of mine gave me an old rocking chair she no longer wanted.  At the time, we had a little covered porch that was just perfect for the rocker.

Since moving last summer, we no longer have a covered front porch, or at least not one that is big enough to hold all my decorations AND a rocking chair!  Although we have a nice back patio, I really like the rocker for the front.  It is just a nice place to sit outside and watch the boys ride their bikes, watch the deer, or read a book.  So, the rocker has remained on the front porch.  The problem with this is that it gets a good beating from the Texas sun.

Antique Rocker Gets a Makeover

As you can tell, it needs A LOT of help!

Antique Rocker Gets a Makeover

The other problem is that it blends in with the slate tile on the porch and it kind of gets lost.

Antique Rocker Gets a Makeover


As I began decorating and getting ready for my Fall Home Tour, I realized it was time to give my old rocking chair a makeover.  I wanted this chair to be bright and colorful… something people would be able to see from the road.

Antique Rocker Gets a Makeover

I also needed something that wouldn’t clash with the color of the shutters on the sides of the windows or our front door.

Antique Rocker Gets a Makeover

So, I decided on yellow.  

I LOVE yellow and I knew it would definitely stand out!  Plus, yellow just seems… happy!  Don’t you think?

Once I gave the chair a few coats of Annie Sloan’s Arles, I decided it needed something else.

Antique Rocker Gets a Makeover

So, I added some white stripes here and there to give the rocker a little more character.

So, I pulled out some 3M™ Safe-Release™ Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces since the wood on my chair is a little brittle from being out in the direct sunlight.  I wanted to be sure that when I pulled off the tape, I wasn’t going to be pulling off wood and paint at the same time! 

Antique Rocker Gets A Makeover

I taped off parts of the chair where I wanted to add stripes.

Antique Rocker Gets A Makeover

Next, I painted it white.  

I am always nervous about this part.  I picture the paint seeping under the tape and ruining all of my hard work every time!  

Antique Rocker Gets A Makeover

Luckily, that wasn’t the case!  

I know I have mentioned this on several other pieces I have done in the past, but I absolutely LOVE removing tape to see those perfect stripes!  

I was so happy to see that the 3M™ Safe-Release™ Painter’s Tape came right off and didn’t take off any paint or wood along the way!

Antique Rocker Gets A Makeover

What a difference paint and some 3M Painter’s Tape can make!!

Antique Rocker Gets A Makeover

And now…

Antique Rocker Gets A Makeover

…you can definitely see my rocker from the road!

Hmmm… I wonder what else I can paint??

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Buffet or Media Center

So why The Rustic Pig??  Here’s why….

When your best friend and her husband set you up on a blind date with their friend, you go.  

You go because you’ve known your best friend since 7th grade and surely she knows you better than anyone else.  Surely she knows the man of your dreams.  After all, you two practically planned everything together…your wedding, your children, and where you’ll live before you even got out of high school.

The Rustic Pig: Buffet or Media Cabinet?

So when your best friend tells your date there will be absolutely no first kiss on the first date, he better listen.  She knows what she’s talking about.  

She knows what you went through in your past relationship and she knows you need time.

But when you find out a few dates later that there is a secret word.  A secret word that means, now it’s time.  

You laugh.

And when you find out what the secret word is “Javelina” you laugh hysterically because… really?  How did she come up with that??

The Rustic Pig: Buffet or Media Cabinet?


What a ridiculous word!

I mean… a Javelina is a pig!  What does that have to do with kissing??


The Rustic Pig: Buffet or Media Cabinet?



Then, during each date, you wait and hope that the secret word was said at some point.  

Maybe when you walked off to powder your nose.  

Or when you went to get another drink.

Surely, tonight is the night.

The Rustic Pig: Buffet or Media Center

You beg your friend.  Please.  PLEASE say the word!

She looks at you and just grins.


Just plain evil.

The Rustic Pig: Buffet or Media Center

Then, at the end of the night on your fourth date, he walks you to your door.

As you walk into the house and turn to say goodbye, he grabs you from out of the doorway, and “BAM!” the wreath on the door hits you in the head, and smacks your face right into his!  He laughs, kisses you, and whispers, “Javelina…

You realize then and there that you will never think of the word “Javelina” as a filthy, stinky pig again.

The Rustic Pig: Buffet or Media Center

And a year and a half later, when we heard, “You may kiss the bride,” we finished our kiss with, “Javelina!”

So, it was only fitting that I name my business, The Rustic Pig.  After all, it sounded much better than… Javelina!


**PS- Paint color is Graphite by Annie Sloan.