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The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

I always said that I didn’t want to live in a “cookie-cutter house” ever again.  I didn’t want to live in a neighborhood where I could reach out my window and almost touch my neighbor’s house.

I enjoyed living out in the country and knowing that if my dog barked, it wouldn’t disturb the neighbors.  I liked looking out my window and seeing fields of grass and trees…not the house across the street or the neighbor’s back patio.  I really enjoyed having goats, and a barn, and a house that was unique and different.

When we moved to the Dallas area, our first house was on an acre.  Once we lost that house, you can read about that here, we decided to keep our search in the same area since we didn’t want to have to move our boys to another school.  They had already been in their new school for a little over a month when we moved out, and they were already starting to make friends.  We just couldn’t put them through another school change as well.

If you remember from my post, our time to find a new house was limited.  We had a week to move out of our current home and move into corporate housing.   We knew the longer we had to stay in corporate housing and keep our belongings in storage, the more money we were throwing away. We needed to find something quick, and we were anxious to feel at home again.   For some reason, the first home we moved into never felt like home. It felt awkward.  I can’t really explain it, but it was odd.  All I can think is that God knew that wasn’t the house for us and so He didn’t allow us to feel comfortable there.

With inventory low, we decided to check out a new development that was right across the street from the middle school my youngest would be attending in the fall.  They had a few open houses in the neighborhood, along with several model homes we could tour. The first house we walked into, we fell in love with.  Like, LOVED it.  We were really going through a tough time when we went to see this house, and it checked off almost everything on our checklist and gave us hope.  On top of that, it was a Highland Home, and we had lived in a Highland Home years before and loved the builder.  We put an offer in, it was accepted, and we had a move in date for a month later.

I truly believe this house is a blessing to us.  It may not be my farmhouse, or on land, or have tons of trees, but I have no doubt that it is a HUGE blessing from God.  I’ll share more in a bit, but first.. let me share some pics…

When you first walk in the door, you are greeted by the stairs.

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

To the left of the front door is the office.

The Rustic Pig: House Tour

I won’t be sharing the office today because we are currently in the middle of changing it from my husband’s office, to my office, so I’ll share that makeover once it’s done.

To the right of the stairs is our formal dining room.

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

As you walk through the foyer, there is a hallway to the left, just before you get to the living room.

Down this hallway is the laundry room, guest bath and guest bedroom.

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour


The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

Next is the living room and kitchen…

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

Later I moved our cowhide rug closer to the side chair and added one of my newest signs above the TV…

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour


The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

(Sign for sale in my Etsy shop here.)

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

The kitchen and living room is one big, open space.

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour


The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

I think this coffee bar/butler’s pantry area is one of my favorite parts of the house.  It’s just so cute!

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

Behind the living room is our master bedroom.  It is still a HUGE work in progress and I have an exciting makeover coming soon, but I’ll show you what it looks like now.

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

Then, there’s our master bathroom.

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour


The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

Finally, the playroom..

The Rustic Pig: Home Tour

We also have a media room, but right now, our teenager has staked his claim of that room and we have yet to decorate it.  The plan is to move the playroom couch into the media room and then add a pool table to this room.  Our kids are really too old to have “playroom.”  This room pretty much always looks like this.  Well, until they decide to get out the Nerf guns.  Then this room looks like this, but with darts all over!

As I said before, I truly feel like this home has been a blessing to us.  It felt like home from day one.  We love our neighborhood and neighbors, and my youngest loves that he gets to ride his bike to school.  When you read that God knows the desires of our hearts, I am always amazed when things work out in such a way, that your only answer is…

..because God.

When we searched for our home, inventory was low.  There were only a few homes available and we really didn’t like most of them in our price range. I really wanted hardwood floors, a guest bedroom downstairs for when my parents visit, a large lot, a three car garage (so I had a space to work) and a house with a farmhouse feel.  It seemed next to impossible.

When we walked into this house, we immediately loved it.  It had the hardwood floors, the guest bedroom down, a three car garage, and although it didn’t have a large lot, it backs up to a greenbelt which is actually pretty wonderful, and it definitely has a farmhouse feel to it…because God.

This house had been a build for someone who backed out of it at the last minute, so it went back on the market right before we started looking.  It was only one of two houses that was ready for move-in… because God.

When we told the Highland Homes rep that we might be interested in the home, she went on and on about how they were getting ready to add a mudroom to the entry by the garage, tons of shelving and cabinets in the laundry room, and a wet bar area by the media room.  We loved it as it was, so to us, that was all just a HUGE blessing.. because God.

I never shared about the horrible realtor we had to work with that was responsible for the home we were trying to buy before.  I am not kidding…he made our life miserable from the very beginning.  Worst.  Experience.  Ever.  We should have known from the beginning.  Then, we met the Highland Homes rep for our neighborhood that orchestrated our whole buying process.  She was a total angel and just a huge blessing to us from the start… because God.

So if you are feeling as though God doesn’t hear your cries today, have heart.  He hears you and He is waiting for the perfect time to pour out His blessings on you… because God.

Love you,



Painting Saved My Life

It sounds pretty dramatic to say that painting saved my life, but honestly, it did.

I shared my story here and here a few months ago.

I shared about how I went through stress and then extreme anxiety which ultimately made it to where I couldn’t even leave the house.

What I didn’t share about, was that looking back, I now believe I was severely depressed.  I had brief moments during that time where I thought about just ending my life.  Those thoughts obviously made my anxiety worse because I didn’t understand where they were coming from.

I was consumed with fear, depression, anxiety.. I was a real mess.

Once we moved to our current house, my husband urged me to start painting again. I think he knew that I was happiest when I was blogging and painting years ago, and I’m sure he thought that if he could just get me on that path again, I’d be back to myself.

I’ll be honest.  I did NOT want to paint.  I didn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch or sleep.

Then one day, while looking through Craigslist, I found a picture of a farmhouse console table.  I sent the picture to my husband and asked him if it was something he thought he might be able to make.  He said yes, and that weekend, we built our farmhouse table. (You can read that post here.  I have since repainted it as you can see in the picture below.)

Rustic Pig Designs: Farmhouse Console

Although I didn’t love painting this table, I loved seeing the finished product in my house.

At that point, I decided I would slowly go back to my blog, even though I didn’t want to.

I would start painting again, even though I didn’t want to.

And I would start an Instagram feed for my blog, even though I thought it would take YEARS to get anyone to follow me.  (What many people don’t know about blogging is that social media is super important in our little world.  I already had a following on Facebook and Pinterest, but when I was blogging years ago, Instagram was just getting off the ground so I didn’t have an Instagram account.) It felt like I was almost starting all over again.

While I tried to get my head into painting and blogging again, my husband was busy finding me pieces of furniture to paint.

He would excitedly send me a picture, and say, “What do you think?”

I’d say, “Looks great!”

And he’d buy it.

And then it just sat in the garage.  Taking up space.

For some reason, painting furniture didn’t sound appealing to me.  At all.

I decided that I wanted to start by painting something small, and that’s when I started painting my signs, and later opened my Etsy store last week. You can read about that here.

Buy on Etsy: RusticPigDesigns

I was shocked when I opened my store last week and sold 9 signs!  This blew me away!!  It also kept me busy this week and forced me to leave the house in order to go to the post office to mail them.

Then, I decided to start tackling the pieces of furniture in the garage.

I started with this piece…


Hideous, I know.

I started off by sanding the top down to the raw wood.

Rustic Pig Designs: Painting Saved My Life

I loved the color of it after it was sanded down, so I decided to leave it as is.

Next, I painted the rest of the table using Rust-oleum’s Chalked Paint in Country Gray.

I also spray painted the drawer pulls white.

Rustic Pig Designs: Painting Saved My Life

When I was done, I distressed it in a few places and went over it with Rust-oleum’s Matte Clear finish.

Rustic Pig Designs: Painting Saved My Life

This was my first time to use Rust-oleum’s Chalked paint line, and I really like it.  (It is also WAY cheaper than Annie Sloan’s chalk paint!  A HUGE plus in my book!)

I was so happy when I finished this table today!

Friends, I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve watched God grow my Instagram account to over 4400 followers in one month, allow me to sell 9 signs in one week, and He has brought me joy again.  Something I thought I would never find again.

He allowed me to turn my mind away from the anxiety and onto something I love, and slowly, he has healed me.

I know, ultimately, that it was God that saved my life, but I truly believe He used painting as a way to give me joy again, which in the end, has saved me.

I love Psalm 40 because it is the perfect picture of what I went through…

I waited patiently for the Lord;

he turned to me and heard my cry.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,

out of the mud and mire;

he set my feet on a rock

and gave me a firm place to stand.

He put a new song in my mouth,

a hymn of praise to our God.

Many will see and fear the Lord

and put their trust in him.

Rustic Pig Designs: Painting Saved My Life

I am thankful that God used painting to pull me out of the “slimy pit, out of the mud and mire.”

I am also thankful to my husband, who was patient with me while I struggled.  Who loved me in spite of the mess that I was.  Who listened to my fears and held me when I cried.

I am thankful that God used my husband to model His love for me.

Even though I felt like God was far away from me during that time, like He wasn’t listening, or didn’t care, I can now look back and see that God really wasn’t far away at all.

Love you all!