How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock



Can I be honest with you?

Where in the world is the time going?  I feel like it’s flying by!

My oldest is 15 and is begging me to let him drive, and I have to tell you the truth.  I’m not ready.

I am that psycho-mom who sits outside while her boys ride their bikes to make sure they are looking for cars (they never are), or that they’re riding their skateboards with their helmets on (they never are).

I’m the one warning them of everything they should and should not do when they go away for a sleepover and then I can’t sleep when they’re gone because I miss them.

How am I going to let my teenager drive?  Alone.  Without me… eek!!

Well, for now, he’s not driving, which means I’m somewhat sane.  For now.  And begging for time to stand still.


My boys think time flies by too.  Especially with school starting in just two weeks.

School mornings… ugh!!

Trying to get two boys up and ready for school is complete torture!  They swear I’m lying to them when I tell them how much time they have left to get ready.  I frequently hear..


So, in anticipation of school nightmares mornings, I decided the other day that we needed a large clock in the house.  One that I can point to in the mornings to remind the kids that they only have 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes left to get ready for school.  I hoped if I made it big enough, there would be no mistaking it.

I can hope, right?

I had seen several pictures of farmhouse clocks in magazines and online, so I had a general idea of what I wanted.

My sweet husband built the clock with four pieces of wood we had sitting in our garage, and then cut it into a large circle.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

My husband used the Kreg Jig to make pocket holes to hide the screws that hold the boards together.

We added two boards to the back for extra support, and hangers to the top to make hanging on the wall easy.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

I decided to stain the wood prior to painting because I knew I wanted to be able to sand the paint off later and reveal a distressed look.

After the stain dried, I painted it using Annie Sloan’s Pure White chalk paint.

Once that was dried, I used sandpaper to distress it.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

After sanding it, I wiped it down to remove any paint dust.  This is important for the next step, so the vinyl will stick.

Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out Roman numerals on vinyl for the clock.  After they printed, I cut them out and put transfer tape on top.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

Next, I laid the vinyl down, with the transfer tape on top, and then slowly removed the transfer tape to reveal a box with the Roman numeral inside.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

After the vinyl was peeled away, I made sure the edges of the numbers were all firmly down on the wood.  This part is important so paint doesn’t bleed under the vinyl.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

Next, I painted over each of the numbers with black craft paint.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

After it dried, I peeled away the remaining vinyl leaving behind a perfect Roman numeral.  I’m not gonna lie.. I absolutely LOVE this part and I may or may not wait for it to completely dry.  😉

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

Finally, I added the clock hands that I bought off of Amazon.

For now, I decided to prop it up on the fireplace mantel until we have time to paint the walls, and then it will most likely find a new home.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

And then I’ll need to redecorate my fireplace mantel.

The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock


The Rustic Pig: How to Build a Farmhouse Clock

I’m pretty sure my boys will not see this clock this school year!  Maybe it will save my sanity.. maybe.

So mom’s or driving children.. I have to ask…how do you do it?  How do you let them get behind a wheel and drive away?  Oh the thought of it gives me anxiety!!

I may need to up my medicine!  😯


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Love you all!!





Bowling Pin Ghosts

My children are beyond thrilled that their mother participated in a Fall Home Tour on the blog a few weeks ago, and therefore already has pumpkins to carve for Halloween.

This truly is a big deal in our family.


You see, years ago, when my boys were 3 and 7, their mother, me, did the unthinkable.


First, I had planned for us to go the local pumpkin patch as a family, but the two weekends we had available ended up getting rained out.

While I was sad that we missed out on the pumpkin patch, I wasn’t too concerned about our lack of pumpkins because I knew if all else failed, I could buy one at the grocery store.

Well, before I knew it, it was the night before Halloween…

…and we were pumpkinless!

So, we all loaded up in the car and headed out to the grocery store to pick one up to carve that night.  

Unfortunately, the first store we went to was sold out.

As was the second, third, fourth and fifth!

At this point, we decided to head home… pumpkinless… with my kids in the back seat crying and I feeling like the worst mother on the planet.

So, I did the unthinkable….

…I stole one.

Oh yes, there is more to that story, but first, let me share with you a fun and easy craft to help you decorate for Halloween…before the night before Halloween!

Bowling Pin Ghosts

Bowling Pin Ghosts


3 Old Bowling Pins


Black Paint Marker

Printer Paper

White Paint


Bowling Pin Ghosts

Step One:  Grab yourself three old bowling pins.  (This is where working in an antique store comes in handy!)  

Bowling Pin Ghosts

Step Two:  Paint the bowling pins white.  

I used three coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

Bowling Pin Ghosts

Step Three:  Tie ribbon around the neck of the bowling pin.  (I did this step here because it showed me where my ghost face and letters would fit best.)

Bowling Pin Ghosts

Step Four:  Print out “BOO” letters.  I used a font called “The World is Yours” that I downloaded from www.dafont.com.  

Bowling Pin Ghosts

Step Five:  Shade the back of each letter with a pencil.

Bowling Pin Ghosts

Step Six:  Place a letter, shaded side down, onto the bowling pin.  

Trace your letter.  

Once you remove it, it will leave the traced letter behind.

Bowling Pin Ghosts

Step Seven: Using your black paint pin, color in the letters and create a spooky face on each of your ghosts.

Bowling Pin Ghosts

There you have it!  Super easy little bowling pin ghosts!

So, back to my story… before you start to think horrible thoughts about me!

At the time, we lived in a master planned community, and the weekend before Halloween, our neighborhood had a Monster Mile walk for the kids.  As the children walked down the main street of the neighborhood, there would be staged areas where the children could get their picture taken with hay bales and pumpkins, and their favorite characters would be there along the way passing out candy.

Several of those staged areas were still set up from the weekend before, and as we drove past each one, I noticed each and every pumpkin along the way and I began to feel sorry for them.

You know, because they would be thrown away the next day and would not get to experience being carved for Halloween.

Sniff, Sniff.

So, I begged my husband to pull over at the next one we saw… 

…and I did what any mother would do for her children… I stole a pumpkin!


I know.  I know.

How could I do that?  What a bad example!

Well, that night, in front of the children, I emailed the community manager and let him know what I did.  I explained our situation and what a horrible mother I had been.  I told him I would gladly pay for the pumpkin if he would just let me know how much I owed him.

Of course, he replied and told me he understood. He said I didn’t need to pay anything and they were happy we were able to use it.

Now, every year when Halloween rolls around, my husband has to kid me about the time I stole a pumpkin!!

So, as you see, my children are overjoyed that we have not only one pumpkin, but four!

Please tell me you’ve done something dumb for your children before too?  

Much Love,