Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

I absolutely LOATHE going to the grocery store!  Like, I seriously want to cry when I know I have to go grocery shopping!  It is complete and utter torture!

The only time I actually enjoy going grocery shopping is when… never.

There’s NEVER a time.

Now, I do remember when I was a kid, and my mom would ask me to come with her to the grocery store, I would jump at the chance.  I couldn’t wait to grow up and get married and do laundry (say what?) and go grocery shopping (just dumb), and cook and clean (psycho!), and.. then one day.  I grew up.  I got married.  And now I hate all of that!!

Anyone else with me?

So, now I just want to grow up and become Joanna Gaines!

That’s it.

I absolutely LOVE watching Fixer Upper on HGTV, and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every episode eleventy-seven million times!  And when HGTV decides to run a marathon (like every Tuesday) then nothing gets done in my house.  My kids have to fend for themselves because this momma’s not cookin’!

I’m trying hard to make my little new-build kitchen look like her old farmhouse kitchen.

TheRustic Pig: Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

Image via Better Homes and Gardens

Isn’t it funny how we have this gorgeous new house and all I want to do is make it look old?

I fell in love with her kitchen and her Super Market sign a long time ago.  I really wanted a sign of my own, but I did’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a vintage one or even $100 on the look-alike ones being sold now.   So I decided to make one of my own…

I grabbed a large board I had sitting in our garage, and painted it using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in Pure White.

Next, I cut out the words “Super Market” on vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.

Using transfer tape, I transferred it onto my painted board.

The Rustic Pig: Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

Next I weeded out all of the letters so I had a stencil left behind.

The Rustic Pig: Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

Using black paint, I painted carefully inside the letters.

The Rustic Pig: Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

Next, I peeled away the vinyl leaving behind super crisp letters.

The Rustic Pig: Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

While super crisp letters are great for other signs, it wasn’t going to work for this one.  So, from there, I used sandpaper, stain and black paint to make it look more distressed (and maybe like it had been through the mud a few times or hiding in an old barn somewhere for years and years).

The Rustic Pig: Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

And here it is hung in our kitchen…

The Rustic Pig: Joanna Gaines Super Market Sign

Now all I need are some curtains and we’ll be good!  (If only I could make those too!)

Oh, and praise the LORD for Walmart because they now offer a service where all you have to do is shop online and then schedule a time to come pick up your groceries.  I cannot tell you what a lifesaver this service has been to me!!  Have any of you tried it yet?  It’s glorious!!

Love ya’ll!!




A Painted Transformation

I am a super impatient person.

I believe there are good things and bad things about that.

The good thing about it is that I have learned a lot, like last week when I wanted to make a frame for a picture I had made, but needed to use the saw and my husband wasn’t home from work yet.  I had seen my husband use it over and over again, and I was sure I could do it.  Sure enough, I did it and I was so proud of myself!  (We hope to sell these soon!  Stay tuned.)

The Rustic Pig Blog

But being impatient has also gotten me into trouble more times than I can count.

I’m pretty sure God is trying to teach me a very important lesson, and He decided to use a buffet to do it…

When we lived in San Antonio and I was actively blogging, our Saturdays were spent driving around town looking for garage sales.

I came across a buffet some people were selling, but they wanted $600 for it, and that was just not in my budget.  I gave the people my business card and told them to call me if they couldn’t sell it… I’d buy it from them for $100.

Two weeks later, they called me to see if I was still interested in it and even offered to deliver it to me!


I couldn’t believe it!  Of course I took him up on his offer!

Once I brought it into my house (big mistake), I was convinced it was mine.  I decided right then and there that it wouldn’t get painted and I wouldn’t be selling it.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I love buffets.  If you scroll through my blog, you will see several buffets that I’ve painted over the years.  For some reason, the details of this one won me over and I wanted to keep it!

Here it is a few days after I bought it…

Virginia House Buffet

And here it is all decked out for Fall… (Oh Fall.. I’m so ready for you!!)

The Rustic Pig: A Painted Transformation


And, here is in our new house..

The Rustic Pig: A Painted Transformation

I don’t know if the fact that my floors are almost the same color as the buffet, or if the color just looks ugly in the light that streams through our front door, but I just started to hate the color.

No matter how I tried to decorate around it, I hated it, and that my friends is what got my mind on the idea that I needed to paint it.

So here’s how it all started…

I was headed to my room to exercise when I walked past this buffet.  I hate exercising, and I’m a procrastinator.  Add these two together, and it’s a recipe for disaster.  In that moment, I decided I needed to paint that buffet right.  this.  minute.    I’d exercise later I told myself.


My husband was out of town and wasn’t going to be home for a week.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to move it, and since I wanted it painted that very minute, I decided to just paint it right there in the entry way.

Yep.  I didn’t unload the TONS of books that reside inside, or anything for that matter.  I told myself I would paint slow and I would be extra careful to not get any paint on my hardwood floors.


It actually started off pretty well.

The Rustic Pig: A Painted Transformation

This was after the first coat.

And then, I painted a second coat and all was still well with the world.

Then, I decided to sand it….

The Rustic Pig: A Painted Transformation

Dumb.  Just dumb my friends.

It made the BIGGEST mess!  Chalk paint dust EVERYWHERE!

I walked through it.

The dogs walked through it.

There were white footprints everywhere!

So I vacuumed it up and thought I was brilliant because it appeared to have all come up beautifully.


Then, I mopped…

Not.  Smart.

The dust I couldn’t see that still remained on the floor, when mixed with water, put a dull, white haze over my hardwood floors.  I was terrified!

So, I mopped again.

And again.

And again.

People.. I mopped for almost an hour!

Eventually I got it all up and my floors look fine now, but I was sweating bullets!

Exercise for the day.  Check!  Complete!

So, in the end it turned out fine, but oh my goodness that was scary!

The Rustic Pig: A Painted Transformation

I do think the buffet looks so much better now, but now I need to paint the walls because boy, oh boy, does that buffet look white!!  I’ve also thought about painting some parts of it grey to give it more dimension.

That will probably happen next week.

In the entry way.

Love you guys!!