Christmas Home Tour 2016

Welcome friends!

I’m so excited to be sharing my home all decked out for Christmas with you today!  I’m even more excited to be joining 11 other bloggers today for our Homes for the Holidays Tour.  If you’ve landed here from Cindy’s, A Cottage Girl, beautiful tour, then welcome!  After you finish your stop here, be sure to visit the next blog on the tour, which will be listed at the bottom of this post.

Homes for the Holidays

Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, cozy up by the fire and enjoy my Christmas Home Tour…

When you first walk into our home, you are greeted by the stairs to the left and our formal dining room to the right. We haven’t had a home with stairs in over 5 years, and so when it came time to decorate for Christmas, my boys had only one request…

Decorate the stairs.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour 2016


My boys love being able to come down the stairs early, way too early, on Christmas morning and have the stairs all lit up as they make their way downstairs to their presents.

Since it was the one thing they were looking forward to, I made sure to do it while they were in school so it would be a surprise when they got home.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour 2016

When they walked in from school that day, their eyes lit up and my oldest said, “Wow!  I love it!  THIS is why I love having stairs!”

It’s the little things ya’ll.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour 2016

My farmhouse console got a Christmas makeover as well.  Just little touches of Christmas here and there.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour 2016

The tree at the base of the stairs is for all of the ornaments the kids have made or I’ve collected over the years.  It’s like a memory tree.  There are pics of the kids when they were little, ornaments from past students when I was teaching and ornaments to remember our boys’ first Christmases.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour 2016

From the foyer, you walk into the living room, and this is the first view of Christmas in this area.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour

I was so excited to decorate our fireplace this year, but I have to be honest, I’ve seriously gone back and forth with this fireplace.  I’m just not completely in love with the decor just yet, and I honestly can’t put my finger on what it is that I don’t love about it, but for now, it will do.

I think my favorite part of our fireplace decor is the antique sled I picked up this year.  My boys are praying for snow so they can use it… oh goodness!  Please.. no snow!

Across the room, in the corner, is our big tree..

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

This tree ya’ll.. we’ve had this tree for five years now, and this year, all but one of the strands of lights worked, so I had to string all new lights on it!  Let me tell you.. it was NOT fun!  I was ready to throw this tree outside and light it up and watch it burn, baby, burn!!

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

Now that it’s done though, I’m loving it!

For my birthday this year, I got to go to Magnolia in Waco, TX (blog post coming soon) and I picked up this farmhouse scale.  I have absolutely loved getting to decorate it for Christmas.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

I’ve also picked up a few beautiful Christmas pillows, that you’ll see in the next few pics, from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Porter Lane Home.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

This Oh Deer pillow is just the cutest and I love it on our chair that sits next to our tree.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour

Here’s a view of our kitchen, from our living room, all decked out for Christmas.  I don’t decorate this space as much because the kitchen has a way of getting cluttered all on its own and it doesn’t need any extra help from me by adding Christmas decor to it.

I love small, simple touches in the kitchen.. things like a wreath on the cabinets, and fresh red roses.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour

Even our coffee station got into the Christmas spirit.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour

And finally, one of my favorite spaces that I decorated this year is our master bedroom..

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour

Decorating our master bedroom is a first for me.

I mean.. who does this?

(Obviously I do! Lol!)

The Rustic Pig: Christmas Home Tour

This room has quickly become one of my favorite rooms to walk into now!  We have loved how this pallet wall has changed the feel of this room. You can see how we did the pallet wall here.

Just by adding lights and garland to our headboard has made this room feel magical.

I encourage every one of you to do the same in your bedroom.  It’s just amazing!

Well, that concludes the tour for me, but be sure to check out the Homes for the Holidays Tour with some of my favorite bloggers below, and be sure to come back here later this week as I share my dining room all decked out for the holidays.  I’ll also be sharing one of my favorite Instagram homes with you on Tuesday.  It’s a showstopper friends!

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Looking Back

I was sitting in my living room this morning, drinking my coffee, doing my quiet time, and enjoying the glow of our Christmas tree, when I asked God a question that I’ve asked Him before.  One that, for the first time, I felt like He might have whispered to my soul the answer to, and I felt like I had to jump on here to share.

I’ve shared several times that this year has been one for the books!  Just scroll through a few posts back to read all about the fun we went through this year.  It will definitely be a year that I look back on and think.. that was a tough year.  But, it will also be a year that I look back on and thank God.  Here’s why..

So this morning, I wrote in my journal..

“God, I don’t get it.  I don’t get why you had to move us away from our church, our friends, our family and a job that I loved.  I don’t get why I had to be plagued with anxiety and panic so badly that I had to quit my new job.  I don’t get why you moved us here.  I don’t get it.  Why God, why??”

I was almost in tears this morning as I wrote down whatever came to mind.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

Here’s what I heard God speak to my heart..

1.  Stop trying to control everything!  It’s MY will, NOT yours!

Yep.. I’m a controller.  Guilty!

When I interviewed for the job at the church, at some point in the interview process I started to get signs that this wasn’t the job for me.  There weren’t just a few signs, there were several, but I pushed it off.  I really thought I wanted this job!  It sounded so different from what I had been doing.  Surely God wanted me to continue in ministry right?  Surely this was all meant to be, right?  I mean, it really felt like everything was lining up perfectly.  Surely what I was feeling wasn’t from God, right?


For every thing that came up that showed me this job wasn’t for me, I was able to shut it down and tell you a reason why it was.

Even the first house we were going to purchase.  I knew it wasn’t right.  It didn’t feel right, but I made it right.

God showed me this year that when I try to control things and do things my way instead of HIS way, He’s going to make sure those plans fail.

Lesson learned.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

2.  “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Today God reminded me of something huge.

I remembered that at one point in my first interview of several at the church, they asked me what my dream job was.  I laughed and said that I wanted to be like Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  I wanted to own my own business.

They laughed, and then said, “Ok, in the next interview, don’t say that.  Be sure to say something about wanting to be in ministry.”

I laughed, “Oh yeah!  Of course!!  I’m just kidding.  Of course I want to be in ministry!!”  (I remember shrinking back, thinking.. “why did I just say that I wanted to be like Joanna Gaines!  So dumb!)

Looking back on that conversation, almost 10 months later, I see where my heart was.

The DESIRE of my heart was in the first answer.  I’m not saying I don’t want to do ministry.  I absolutely DO want to do ministry.  I just think my ministry is going to look different than working in a church.  I’m also not saying I want to BE Joanna Gaines!  What I admire about the story of Joanna Gaines and her success is that she had a dream and God turned that dream into something she could have never thought or imagined.  That’s what I want.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

3.  I needed to force you to a place where you could dream again.

When I worked at our church in San Antonio, our pastor/my boss, would always encourage us to be dreamers.

He would tell us to not dream little dreams, but BIG dreams.  God wants to show up in those BIG dreams!

I would pray to God.. “God, let me dream again.”


“God, give me a dream in my heart.”


But you know what?  Since the anxiety forced me to stay home, a little bit at a time, I began to dream again.

And not little dreams, but BIG dreams.

I have no idea where these dreams will go, but it’s so exciting to have a dream in my heart again.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

4. Listen for My still, small voice… then OBEY!

I’ve learned that I need to listen, and not just listen, but obey.

When I feel God prompting me to do something, I need to stop asking questions and just obey!  I believe that is where the blessing comes from.

The Rustic Pig: Christmas

5.  Be thankful in ALL circumstances.

I’m reading a great book right now by Ann Voskamp called One Thousand Gifts.  It’s beyond amazing!  It’s a total eye opener!  The biggest take-away for me so far is that Jesus gave thanks to God through everything.. even when most of us would have chosen to shake our fists at God and ask, “Why me?”  Jesus chose to give thanks.

As you go into this Christmas season, take the time to look back over your year.  What did God do for you this year?  Did you thank Him, or just look at the negative and complain?

Jesus knew he was going to be crushed for us, and guess what.. he thanked God for it.  Could you do that?

This was a hard year for us, but looking back, it was a year full of blessings and lessons learned, and for that, I am thankful.

So this next year, I am going to change things up a bit…

I’m going to stop trying to control everything, delight myself in the Lord, dream, listen and obey, and give thanks in ALL circumstances!

I’m not going to lie.. sharing this was hard.  It shows you that I made some huge mistakes this year, and most I’m not very proud of, but you know what, I felt God telling me to share this today.  As I stated above, I’m going to obey.  So, I’m guessing someone else needs to hear this today!