DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

This is the time of year when all of my blogging friends pull out their gobs and gobs of Fall decor and start decorating like it’s Christmas!  Seriously friends, this all started as soon as September 1st hit!

I’ve always struggled with decorating for Fall.  I think it’s mainly because it’s still 100 degrees here in Texas and so it definitely doesn’t feel like Fall.  I almost feel like Fall decorating shouldn’t take place until November, but my friends up north disagree, and so in order to not be left behind in the Fall decorating madness, I’ve decided to decorate just a little each week.  Then, by the time November gets here, and the cool air of Fall decides to finally bless Texas, then I’ll be ready.

So today I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how I made these adorable mini sweater pumpkins…The Rustic Pig: DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

Here’s what you’ll need:

Sweater (any color, preferably a Fall color)

Jute string

Grocery bags, or something to use as stuffing


The first thing I did was pull out an old sweater that didn’t fit anymore.

I’m pretty sure it was attacked by the shrinking fairy that we have living in our house.  Does anyone else have one of those living in their house too?

Either way, we don’t talk about her, it’s unkind, but we all know she lives in our closet.

Anyways, find a sweater that’s been attacked, just like mine.

The Rustic Pig: DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

There are several parts of the sweater that can be used to make pumpkins, but since I wanted mini pumpkins, I decided to use the sleeves.

Start by cutting the sleeves off of the sweater.

The Rustic Pig: DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

Once I cut the sleeves off, I cut them in half so I ended up with four pieces.

Next, I turned the sleeves inside out, and grabbed some jute string.

I cut the jute string into 5 pieces, each about a foot long.

I laid four of the strings inside with about 2 inches sticking out the top, and the rest hanging out the bottom.  Then I tied it tight up at the top.

The Rustic Pig: DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

Next, you’ll make your sweater sleeve right side out again.  (Is that the opposite of inside out?  I’m not sure, but that’s what I mean.)

From there you will use whatever you like for stuffing.  I used grocery bags to stuff mine.  Use as much stuffing as you like here.  I used 5 grocery bags for mine.

The four strings that are hanging out of the bottom will be used to make the lines in the pumpkin.  You’ll pull those up to the top, spacing them out, and then tie them up tight with another piece of string at the top.

The Rustic Pig: DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

Next, you’ll grab another piece of jute string, about a foot long, and tie up all of those loose strands into the stem of the pumpkin.

The Rustic Pig: DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

If you want the little curly twine like I added to mine above, you’ll just wrap a piece of jute string around a pencil and paint it with Mod Podge.  Let it dry and then once you pull it off, you’ll have a perfect little curly piece to add to your pumpkin.

I just absolutely love these mini pumpkins because unlike real pumpkins, I can save these and pull them out year after year.

For now, they are sitting in several places around the house, but I love seeing them on our mantel.. just waiting for the rest of the Fall decor to join them.

The Rustic Pig: DIY Mini Sweater Pumpkins

Now I need to go search my closet for other sweaters that have been attacked by that evil shrinking fairy!

Love you all!



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  1. hahahah Love this! The Evil shrinking fairy?? Ma,n I thought I was the only one who had those! Love ya Claire!!!

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