Farmhouse Console Table

When we lived in Fair Oaks, we had the farmhouse I had always dreamed about.  It was a 4100 square foot ranch with a barn and 4 acres.  It was dreamy.  When we moved in, I immediately went shopping and bought furniture and accessories that screamed farmhouse.

Then, we moved to Dallas.

Our current house is in a newer neighborhood and I’m pretty sure I can reach out my kitchen window, knock on the neighbor’s window and ask for milk if I wanted to.  I’m pretty sure.  And, since it is a new house, it is completely and totally vanilla.  Vanilla walls, vanilla tile, vanilla carpet, vanilla ice, ice.. sorry.. you knew that was coming right?  Anyways, you get the idea.

Luckily, there are hardwoods throughout the main living areas downstairs that seem to break up all of this vanilla, but it definitely doesn’t have the character our farmhouse had, or the house you see in the majority of this blog prior to us moving to Fair Oaks, but I am determined to make this house into a farmhouse… minus the goats and chickens, and barn, and 4 acres.

Well, maybe I won’t completely turn it into a farmhouse, but it will definitely have some farmhouse touches.  To start, we built a farmhouse console table.  Just the title of it alone made me all giddy!

So, it all started with our breakfast area.

To the right of our kitchen table was this large, empty space.  The builder had designated that space for those people with fatter-wallets-than-ours so they could continue the kitchen counters and cabinets and make it a desk/homework area. You know, the “upgrade.”  Well, since we didn’t choose that option, we just had this empty space that begged for a desk, buffet, china cabinet.. something!

Since I wasn’t going to spend a lot of money on a piece of furniture, I turned to Craigslist.  As I searched, I came across someone selling a homemade farmhouse console table for $300.  It looked like something my husband and I could make, so I searched online for plans on how to make one similar, and poof!  There it was!  The EXACT farmhouse console table I had seen on Craigslist!  Thank you Ana White!  If you aren’t familiar with Ana White, she has a great blog full of plans to build just about anything your little heart desires!

(When we started this project I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to go back to blogging, so pardon a few cell phone pictures.)

We bought all of our wood and supplies using the handy little shopping list that Ana White provides at the beginning of her plans.  Our total cost, minus a few tools we didn’t have, was about $75.

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

We didn’t own a Jig, and the plans call for pocket holes throughout the entire project.  If you look at most furniture, you will see pocket holes are used to hide the screws.  We actually had no idea how to use a Jig, but once we got the hang of it, we realized it was actually a pretty cool tool!

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

We started all of this about 9:30 at night because that’s the only time it isn’t 100 degrees in Texas!  Once we started stinking and couldn’t stand the smell of each other anymore, around 11:30pm, we decided to go to bed and finish in the morning.

The plans are pretty easy to follow and the whole thing took us probably 5 hours from start to finish.

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

I chose to paint the base in Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey because my plan is to have pops of grey and yellow throughout the living, kitchen and breakfast areas (I also already had it, so that made it a no-brainer!).

I stained the top with Minwax’s Dark Walnut, which happens to be the stain you will find I use most often around here.

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

We did a few things different from the plans…

First of all, for the cross, the plans called for one straight board and then one cut in half to give the image that it is a cross and actually structural, and that is the part that drove my husband nuts!  Instead of being a structural element, it was only for design.  Now, this was totally OK with me.  Why cause more work for yourself when it really doesn’t matter?  Not to me anyways!

In the end, he used two straight boards and cut out a notch in order to make them fit together like a puzzle.

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

The other thing we changed was the height.  The plans have the final height at 28 inches, and that just seemed too low when it would be sitting next to our counter tops.  We ended up making ours 35 inches tall so that it would fall just a little below the counter tops.

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

Once we had it in place, I remember staring at it, like, now what?  I had NO idea what to put on the shelves!  It wasn’t like I needed additional storage, I just wanted something to fill the hole!  I ended up grabbing stuff from all around the house, and you will see, that in a few pictures, the decorations change. (Huge blogger no-no I’m sure!)

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

I also have a good feeling we might end up building another one for our entryway.  One of the things that makes me sad about this piece being in our kitchen is that you can’t see those lovely crosses on the side, and that’s probably one of my favorite parts!

The Rustic Pig: Farmhouse Console

Well, there you have it!  Our first furniture build in all of its farmhouse glory!

If you’d like to build your own, you can find the instructions on Ana White’s website here.

So what do you think?  Is this something you could see in your house?  Have you caught on to the farmhouse decorating craze?



My name is Claire and I am behind the blog... The Rustic Pig. I am a wife, a mother to 2 boys, and I just might be addicted to Craigslist. I love to buy antiques, paint them, and give them a chance to be loved again! Please feel free to pull up a chair and stay for a while. If you ask a question or leave a comment, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!


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Texas gal, wife, mother to 2 boys, author behind the blog The Rustic Pig, business owner, antique lover, and Christ follower!

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  1. Looks great and fits in the space perfect!

  2. Beautiful! I’m sure my husband and I would be divorced by the time we finished a table like that. I love the paint colors.

    Give Dallas some time. You’ll find some great folks and places to go and things to do. I miss it very much even though it is a 90 minute drive back for me.
    Ann recently posted…NEVER PASS UP A GOOD SALE!My Profile

    • LOL!! You’re too funny Ann!! We lived here for almost 10 years prior to moving away four years ago, so we do have friends here and are very familiar with the area. We just miss our family and friends in San Antonio. I know that the longer we are here, the more it will feel like home again. It’s weird how coming back after being gone for only four years felt so foreign.

  3. I like the decorative mirrors you hung above your table, makes it look like windows. Beautiful side table! Loving that stain color on top.
    Audra @ Renewed Projects recently posted…Reclaimed Wood StarsMy Profile

  4. Hi Claire, the table came out wonderful and where you placed it could not be more perfect as well as the mirrors and décor. Bravo for a job well done by you and your hubby!

  5. Love that table! Its gorgeous! >3
    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos recently posted…Summer Blooms Around the Back PatioMy Profile

  6. Patricia says:

    Cute… just perfect in the space!

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