Decorating For Fall With Ball Jars

Ball jars… 


…don’t you just love them?

I had a few people ask me about the Ball jars they saw in my Fall Home Tour last week, so I decided I would give a quick tutorial on how you can make them for your home too.

Fall Home Tour

When it came to decorating for Fall this year, I was all about making it easy, and cheap.

I also wanted colors that were more muted and not your typical Fall colors like bright orange, yellow and dark brown.  So, I knew that would mean I would have to make a lot of my own decorations.

When it came to thinking up a centerpiece for my kitchen table, I was kind of stumped.  I knew I wanted some Fall colored hydrangeas, but I had no clue what I would use to hold them.  Then, I remembered seeing painted Ball Jars on Pinterest and decided to give it a try!

Here’s what I did:


Ball Jars (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby and used the 40% off coupon!)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Sand Paper (100 grit)

Clear Wax

Jute String

Painting Ball Jars for Fall DecorStep One:  Grab yourself a Ball Jar, or any type of mason jar will do the trick!

Painting Ball Jars for Fall Decor

Step Two:  Take the lid off of the jar.  

Next, choose which paint colors you like.  I chose to use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Arles, Barcelona Orange, and Coco.  

In order to keep paint from getting all over my hands, I practically stuff as much of my hand into the jar as possible.  (Be careful… I almost got stuck a few times!) This way, I can hold the jar without my hands being in the way!

I used three coats of paint on each jar.

Painting Ball Jars for Fall Decor

Step Three:  Once the jars have had time to dry, sand where you want the letters or design on the jar to show through.  I used 100 grit sandpaper for this.  I originally started out with a 220 grit, but that seemed to take longer and the 100 grit worked fast and did the trick!

Step Four:  Apply a clear wax over the jar.  At this point, if you had any small scuff marks from your sanding, they will disappear as you apply the wax.

Painting Ball Jars for Fall Decor

Step Five:  Decorate your Ball jars by adding jute string or burlap ribbon.

Decorating for Fall with Ball Jars

Step Six:  Start decorating!  I used the jars to hold candles….

Painting Ball Jars for Fall Decor

..and I added flowers to some as well.  I even got creative with a few and decorated the jar with some jute ribbon I had stashed away.

Fall Home Tour

But, my favorite Ball jars were the ones I set out on my kitchen table to hold my Fall colored hydrangeas.

Fall Home TourIt made for the perfect centerpiece!

Well, there you have it!  I’m pretty sure anyone can tackle this project!  

Have you jumped on the Ball jar bandwagon?  If so, what is your favorite way to use Ball jars?

PS-  After you are done decorating with all your Ball jars, you will have lots of lids left over.  Here is what I did with mine… Ball Jar Lid Fall Mini Wreath.




My name is Claire and I am behind the blog... The Rustic Pig. I am a wife, a mother to 2 boys, and I just might be addicted to Craigslist. I love to buy antiques, paint them, and give them a chance to be loved again! Please feel free to pull up a chair and stay for a while. If you ask a question or leave a comment, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!


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  1. Sherri Smith says:

    Love old jars of any kind. Love what you did with these too! How can you go wrong with hydrengeas and ball jars, right? Thanks for sharing!

    Have a very blessed day!

  2. Claire, these are gorgeous!! I’m sharing on my FB page today 😉
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com
    PS: I remembered these in your fall home tour 😉

  3. Claire, I just love what you did for your fall decorating and the mason jars are great colors. That door you have is so beautiful, a tad jealous***sigh***.


  4. Forgot to let you know I pinned your jars and am following you on Pinterest now!
    Cynthia recently posted…Beautiful!!!!My Profile

  5. Di Mancino says:

    I just love your jars with the hydrangeas in and must have a go at them!
    Thanks so much.
    What sort of wax did you use? Was it a candle type wax, polish or what?

    • Hi Di! I used Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax, but you could also use any type of clear furniture wax. You can buy furniture wax from most home improvement stores. A spray polyurethane would work too!
      Claire recently posted…Decorating For Fall With Ball JarsMy Profile

      • Oh it’s furniture polish type wax!!!! That makes sense now.
        I was thinking paraffin wax!! 🙂 I’m so glad someone else was thinking that too.
        Thanks Di for asking and thanks Claire for responding!
        I love those painted jars!!!!!

  6. I love this! Never would have thought about using chalk paint though. Great idea.

  7. I do love those old Ball Jars and I love what you did with them. They look GREAT!!!! xo Diaan
    Nana Diana recently posted…I Can’t BELIEVE CJK is DRIVINGMy Profile

  8. Hi..I was wondering how you get the clear wax over the jar. I’ve never heard of that before….Thanks!

    • Hi Barb! I use a clear furniture wax by Annie Sloan. You can also buy furniture wax at most home improvement stores. I like Annie Sloan’s wax or even Miss Mustard Seed’s furniture wax because it is softer. I use a piece of cheesecloth and just get a little bit on the cloth and wipe it over the entire jar. It’s pretty easy!
      Claire recently posted…Decorating For Fall With Ball JarsMy Profile

  9. Hi, Thanks for the inspiration, I have sooo many Ball jars, I’m going to try some of these.
    Thanks, Faye

  10. Margaret Garcia says:

    Hello Claire, SUPER CUTE IDEA!!! Where on Earth did you find the small pumpkins? My mother is throwing me a small baby shower and we’re looking for small pumpkins all over the place, lol….. thanks!!!

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