DIY Burlap Fall Planter

I used to never be into gardening, or planting, or flowers really.  I mean, I used to like to get flowers, until I realized how expensive they were and then I didn’t want them any more.  That, and they died after a few days.  It’s like getting a gift and then someone taking it back.  What fun is that?

So, I’ve learned that I’m definitely a fake flowers kind of girl.  They live forever, they don’t need watering, or pruning, or replanting each season, and the deer don’t eat them.   

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, we live in a gorgeous rental home, and the previous owner loved, I mean LOVED gardening.  So of course, there are all kinds of plants out here that I am forced to take care of.  (Just so you know…I have killed a few, and replanted, and killed them again.  Just so you know.  Just so I’m honest here.)  

Over time, I have actually come to enjoy the color of the flowers, the different plants and trees, and I have loved watching them grow.  We really enjoyed planting flowers, a few fruit trees and some herbs this past spring.

The problem with all of this is that I can’t just plant any plant.  I have to plant things that are deer resistant, and deer resistant plants and flowers are not always the prettiest.

Then, lately every time I walk into our grocery store, they have the most gorgeous mums sitting outside in the most gorgeous fall colors.  I just had to have them!  I thought, if I buy these small mums and plant them a little further back in my flower bed, surely the deer wouldn’t eat them.


So I spent $8 on three small planters of mums.  I planted them, admired the color they brought to my flower bed, and then walked out to water them the next morning only to find them gone.  GONE!!  

Rotten deer!!  They ate them down to the ground!

DIY Burlap Fall Planter


Sad isn’t it?

Poor little guys didn’t even have a chance!

Then, this morning, while walking into the store to pick up some milk, there were those mums again.  Haunting me!  This time, they had larger planters.  They were just so gorgeous I couldn’t stand it!  So, I bought two.

I had a plan!  I would put them high up on our front porch steps.  I’m pretty sure the deer won’t walk up our front steps to come eat some flowers.

My only problem, I didn’t want to spend $50-100 for two pots for the front porch!  I also didn’t want to just set them out in their ugly, black plastic planter they come in.

So, I grabbed my burlap.

DIY Burlap Fall Planter

I set each plastic planter in the center of my burlap and cut it so there was about a foot of burlap on all sides.

Next, I used some jute string to tie the burlap onto the planter.  In the beginning, I tied the string around the planter, but then I realized it wasn’t quite tight enough to hold  like I wanted it to.  So, I decided to tie just above the planter and under the flowers.  Not tight, but smaller than the pot size so the burlap wouldn’t slide down.

Finally, I tied around some white ribbon up at the top, and added some jute string to finish it off.

DIY Burlap Fall Planter


Much better than those black plastic pots don’t you think?  Plus, the water can still drain through and should hold up throughout the weather.  As the plant grows and outgrows the pot (if I can keep it alive that long), I’ll replant it in the flower bed that is in the center of our back patio.

DIY Burlap Fall Planter

Aren’t they gorgeous?  I just love them!!

Well, I can’t show you the whole front porch… that will  have to wait until my Fall Home Tour next Monday, but I’ll show you how they look on their own for now.  

DIY Burlap Fall Planter

How fun is that?  Pretty easy and very inexpensive!

Now, if I wake up tomorrow to nothing but stems, those deer and I are going to have to have a little talk!

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  1. Very, very cute- There is just something about burlap that says Fall to me- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted…ASK ME ANYTHINGMy Profile

  2. beautiful…..thxs for the great idea!

  3. What a great idea! I’m going to get some burlap today and maybe some mums in their black plastic pots!

  4. I have to laugh Claire….sorry! I see a brawl coming in the near future with the deer! That would be pretty brave of them to come up on your porch…..but don’t be shocked when they do!!
    Nice job…love them!
    kelly arent {copper roof interiors LLC} recently posted…$225 Target AND $100 Plum Box gift card Giveaway!!!My Profile

  5. We live in a gated community in east Texas where we are over-run with deer. Too many folks feed them. Optimal for our area is one deer per 12-18 acres. We have one deer per acre. I hate to burst your burlap bubble, but the deer will come up on the porch to eat those if they are hungry enough. Trust me. . .I have spent countless $$ on plants only to find them eaten the next day. But, I do find the burlap ‘pot’ charming and can’t wait to try it myself. You always have the best ideas. Btw, I put up three strands of barbed wire above my picket fence to keep the deer out of the garden. I have various blooming vines on the wire with birdhouses on the posts. Looks great in the summer . . a little like Auschwitz in the winter. Sigh!
    Ann recently posted…Going Home. . . How I Will Miss You!My Profile

  6. Claire! This is a beautiful idea, I love the burlap wrapped around the post better then fancy pots.

    Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint recently posted…Throwback Thursday #2My Profile

  7. They look great Claire!! We have pesky deer too and they ate all the tops off the carrots in my garden so now I have to dig in the dirt to see where the carrots are growing – urggh! Good luck 🙂
    Cindy recently posted…Ruffled Velvet Wreath with Blinged out Mini Velvet PumpkinsMy Profile

  8. i’m a pottery supplier in Vietnam and i think it’s very nice

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