Dear Sports Mom

Dear Sports Mom,

You know who you are.

The one that drives the SUV with all the stickers on the back declaring each and every sport your child plays.


Please don’t judge me when I say… I just didn’t get you.

I didn’t understand why in the world you would want to sit on a field day in and day out, in the cold, heat, wind or rain.


I didn’t get why you would spend every weekend driving your child to a game an hour away, or maybe even hours away.

Or why you’d wear a “Soccer Mom”, “Baseball Mom”, “Hockey Mom”shirt… I didn’t get it.


My boys always asked to join different sports, and I must admit, I just didn’t want anything to do with it.

My husband and I didn’t grow up in a family where sports were involved.

Our weekends were spent with our family, and not on a field or a court watching a game.

So, I didn’t get it.


Until one day, after lots of begging and pleading, I promised my oldest son, Cole, that after we moved I would let him play lacrosse.

Of course, with one playing, the other must play too, so we enrolled not one child, but two.

We forked out lots of money for gear (ouch).

We bought helmets, pads, cleats, socks, mouth guards, and….

….we bought cups (I had no idea).


Cole’s first pre-season tournament was this weekend.

I screamed.

I yelled.

I about had an anxiety attack.

I almost fainted when a player got hurt.  (He’s OK.)

I got sunburned.  And windburned.


And in the end, I cried.


Mostly because I was proud of my son who gave it his all.

But also because, in that one day, he learned how it felt to be a part of a team, to cheer on his teammates, the joy of winning, and losing, and most importantly….

IMG_8837… he learned the importance of listening to his coach.  (Yes, he’s the only one NOT wearing navy shorts.)

So, to all you sports moms out there… I get it, and I only have one thing to say…

…where’s my car sticker and team shirt??






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  1. Welcome to the club..lol…there’s plenty of blessings and lessons to be learned with sports for the kids and the parents.


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