A Headboard Bench?

Oh yes!  You heard right… We did it.. we made a sweet little bench out of a HEADBOARD!  Who knew?

But first…

This morning I went to a lovely estate sale and met the sweetest ladies!  I bought all kinds of amazing antique pieces that I can’t wait to transform!

As I walked around, I spotted this antique wash pitcher and basin.  I wanted to scream for joy!!  I have always wanted one of these!!

As I picked it up, the sweet older lady who owned this estate came over and told me about her home that had caught on fire a few years ago and how several of her favorite antiques were either destroyed or just covered in caked~on soot. The ladies were shocked when I asked how much they wanted for it.  They couldn’t understand why I’d want something covered in soot.

Maybe, because it is exquisite.
Because the details are gorgeous.
Because if I can get some of the soot off, I’ll have not only a beautiful piece, but a story to go with it.
Because I’ve always wanted one.
The sweet lady shrugged her shoulders and said, “How about $5?”
I cried for joy on the inside!!  I held back my joy and the strong desire to jump up and down and do cartwheels throughout the place.
My pitcher set is now soaking in a bath of baking soda in hopes of one day being cherished again.

So… back to this headboard bench…

This past weekend, as you may have already read, we went to quite a few garage sales.  You can see some of my neat finds here and here.

This was actually the first piece I picked up.  As we drove by what appeared to be a garage sale full of clothing, I spotted this sweet little headboard and hollered, “STOP THE TRUCK!!”

It was only $5 for the headboard.  Yep.. you heard me right.. $5!!

In the truck it went.

(Hubby got a prize too… a power washer.  You just never know when you’re going to need to power wash something.  Sometimes I think my boys need a good power washing!)

So, my original idea was to leave it as a headboard, but the more I looked at it, the more it screamed to be something so much more.

Here’s what we did…

We bought 3 legs and some wood from Home Depot.

Hubby built the frame and secured it to the headboard.

I painted it in ASCP Old White and rubbed clear and dark wax on it for a more antique look.

Then, I took some fabric and created pleats and stabled them to the frame.  I used the edge of the fabric that was already straight.  I’m sure sewing a hem on this would have been easy, but I don’t know how.  I don’t even own a sewing machine.  Maybe one day…

Then, we cut a piece of plywood for the seat.

I added a cushion and wrapped it in fabric. (I must add that I went to Hobby Lobby twice for fabric.  The first fabric I bought, I got half way home and decided it just wasn’t what I had in mind.  The next day, I went back and got this lovely striped fabric.)

Here it is!  All done!  A $5 headboard turned into a bench!

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My name is Claire and I am behind the blog... The Rustic Pig. I am a wife, a mother to 2 boys, and I just might be addicted to Craigslist. I love to buy antiques, paint them, and give them a chance to be loved again! Please feel free to pull up a chair and stay for a while. If you ask a question or leave a comment, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!


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Texas gal, wife, mother to 2 boys, author behind the blog The Rustic Pig, business owner, antique lover, and Christ follower!

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  1. I love your bench, I love it, I love it, What a hard work! ;It’s already in Pinterest. And the antique wash pitcher and basin, You are a lucky woman
    🙂 Marina

  2. Cool idea!!! I love that pitcher and basin. Great find!

  3. Oh, I just can’t get over how adorable it is… the frame, the legs, the pleats. YUM!!!! You are one talented lady!

    Happy Thanksgiving
    hugs ~ Crystelle

  4. You always have something good cooking here! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Claire! What a clever idea. I love the bench! And that pitcher…it is going to be gorgeous! Visiting from the Newbie Party and am your newest follower. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. Would love for your to visit me at Still Woods Farmhouse and follow along!

  6. I just got a gorgeous, woven, Henrendon headboard for $10 at H4H. I wanted to make a day bed out of it and you’ve cinched it for me! It’ll probably be my first project.

    Wanted to give you two ideas about the soot. Might not work.
    First idea: We had a fire in 2005 & my DH was in and out saving our pets. We both stunk to high heaven. Even higher. Febreeze took the stench out of our clothes and hair better than washing, which we did first.

    Second idea. Some gorgeous needlework my SIL did was sooted by a candle one Christmas. Since Amway’s LOC removes washed and dried in lip stick, I thought to myself, “Self? Why not?” I rubbed it in and washed it with Ivory soap. Gone.

    Perhaps these ideas might work better on your beautiful pitcher set.
    And thanks for the how-to on the bench. Just a little deeper & I’ll have a day bed!

    • I think making a day bed out of one would turn out lovely!! I was actually thinking about trying that with another headboard I have now.
      Thanks so much for the ideas on the soot too! I only have a little bit of soot left now.
      Please let me know when you finish your day bed! I’d love to see it!!

  7. Oh my gosh, love, love, LOVE!!! I’ll be keeping an eye out for headboards now lol

    Visiting from CHQ Blog Hop.

    Thinking I need to subscribe!

  8. This is an amazing project! I found you on Pinterest and I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on your projects! I’ve been trying to make a bench out of a headboard for some time. Are you able to offer any more details on the construction so I can make sure it’s sturdy and durable. I’ve been all over three Home Depot’s and cannot find legs like that! Thanks for being inspirational!

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